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The street of Lee In Sung
  • Kee D Shin,MD
  • 2023.04.12
  • 659

I was looking forward visiting the street ever since I heard about him. He also happen to be my primary school alum. But it was very difficult to find it. Almost no body knew about the street.

Finally when I got to area local didn't know exact location but almost accidentally I found the drawing of The Street of Lee In Sung. Very gratifying which soon replaced by sadness. The street was very non descriptive and a car was blocking the wall. I was not able to see the sign of street until I got around the car.

What difference compare to Kim Kwang Suk Street!

I don't think Artist Lee is any less celebrity the Singer Kim! 

The Pioneer and Genius Artist in early Korean art!

Let's celebrate and let his name to be known!